Lohdi Masjid

Lodhi Mosque of Eminabad (late 15th, early 16th century)

Along the east side of a small reservoir built in the era of Jahangir, stands a modest one-story brick mosque. The Pakistani architect and historian Kamil Khan Mumtaz believes that it was constructed in the Lodhi era (1451-1525), suggesting that it is one of the oldest standing mosques in Pakistan. One unique architectural feature is using both squinches and pendentives to bridge the gap between the square prayer chamber and the circular dome. The mosque represents the history, culture, and natural aesthetics at the peak of its glory.

The current state of the mosque is very shabby, barely surviving the grandeur of its past. It’s a humble reminder of the passing times and the glory of the Lodhi Empire. Presently it is surrounded by fields and farms with grazing cattle and livestock.

Although the mosque is recognized as a protected monument, its condition is still very poor, owing to the lack of attention from the government and the locality.


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